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Cedar Siding Cleaning | London, Ontario

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Cedar Siding Cleaning

Wood Texture

Cedar siding is a rare and wonderful feature for any home or cottage. The natural wood look adds character and depth that is unmatched by any other material. If properly maintained, these wooden features can last a lifetime. Many homeowners aren't aware that all it takes is a quick wash to rejuvenate their property, and make the mistake of either removing or replacing the wood. This is far from necessary, as it only takes a few days to completely transform a home and make it look new.

Cedar Siding Cleaning


There is only one proper way to clean cedar siding: Soft washing. Unlike pressure washing, which can damage wood by splitting fibers and pushing out essential oils - soft washing utilizes wood friendly chemicals that pull out organic material such as algae, mildew, mold, moss, lichen, etc.  Our soft wash process utilizes a stream of water that is comparable to a garden hose. Once the cleaning is done, an acid is applied to the wood to boost PH balance and to brighten everything up. This two step process can make your cedar siding look years younger and remove the toughest of stains. When everything is clean and dry, we apply an oil to the wood to rehydrate everything. Many different tones are available to achieve the look you have in mind for your property.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How expensive is a cedar roof clean?

          - Prices vary on the age of the roof, when (if ever) a clean was done, the build-up of organic material, whether or not there is any stain or oil that needs to be stripped, the size of the home, and the pitch of the roof. Typically, average prices range from 2000.00 to 8000.00 CAD.  

  • Is the solution you use safe for my garden?

          - The solution we use eliminates organic matter, so we ensure to pre-treat your garden. In some cases, we may bring tarps to cover up delicate plants. Although we can't guarantee nothing will wilt, generally most plants come back next season. Please keep in mind - we try our hardest to preserve everything and in 99% of cases everything is fine!

  • How do you provide estimates?

          - Typically we are able to measure out your roof via satellite and just require a few photos of different sides of your home to determine what kind of growth is currently on the roof. An onsite visit may be required, but is not always necessary.

  • What happens if I just leave my roof and don't do anything?

          - Simply leaving a cedar roof alone and not getting it cleaned will almost certainly lead to an early replacement. If cedar shake are left unattended the bacteria on the wood will cause it to fall apart and decay. We have heard many stories of cedar roofs having to be replaced after just 12-15 years. The cost to replace a roof is quite steep - so imagine just paying a fraction of that price and extending the woods lifetime to 30+ years.

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