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Gazebo Cleaning

Wood Texture

Gazebo's, pool houses, and other wood structures can be quite costly to purchase, and generally aren't replaced very often. The best course of action is to have them maintained to ensure they continue to look good and are of sound structure. Overtime these wooden structures become enveloped with organic buildup which slowly eats away at the entire build. When this begins to occur, give us a call to help you restore everything back to former glory!

Gazebo Cleaning


Cleaning a gazebo can be tricky. Depending on what is currently on the wood (is there any old stain or paint), whether there are any cedar shakes on the roof or sides, and whether the area is fully enclosed or open are all factors to address. We begin every wood structure clean with a soft wash. This removes any former product on the wood, any organic growth, and brings back all the natural color of the wood. Once this is completed some people choose to leave the project like this as they love the natural wood look! Others go on to have the entire structure refinished.

Gazebo Refinishing


Once the soft washing has been completed, the next step in line is to sand and oil any wood. Our oil is not only a big visual boost - it also protects the wood as it deeply penetrates to restore structure in the fibers. Doing a treatment every 3-5 years is highly recommended as it can increase the lifespan tenfold. This part of the project can be fun.  Doing the roof in one color and the sides in another is often a bit hit. 

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How expensive is a wooden structure restore?

          - Prices vary on the age of the age, whether there is any old stain or paint on the wood, and the size. Generally a gazebo or a pool house cleaning can be done for 500.00-1500.00 and a full restoration can go from 1000.00-4000.00.

  • Is the solution you use safe for my garden?

          - The solution we use eliminates organic matter, so we ensure to pre-treat your garden. In some cases, we may bring tarps to cover up delicate plants. Although we can't guarantee nothing will wilt, generally most plants come back next season. Please keep in mind - we try our hardest to preserve everything and in 99% of cases everything is fine!

  • How do you provide estimates?

          - Typically we are able to measure out your roof via satellite and just require a few photos of different sides of your wooden structure to determine what kind of project we have on our hands. An onsite visit may be required, but is not always necessary.

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